What’s for Dinner?  I’m Hungry!

What’s for Dinner?  I’m Hungry!


What are the two phrases you hear from you family almost every time you walk in the door?  “What’s for Dinner?” “I’m Hungry!”  If you are like me it seems to be a daily struggle to figure out what to eat.  Yeah it’s easy to hand your kid a bag of potato chips or grab a candy bar on your way out of any store, but you wonder if that’s the best idea afterwards.

So, on my quest to try and figure out some ideas of what to fix one night for supper I stumbled across some great resources that I wanted to share.  The first was EatingWell, which is a magazine and also a website.  They have whole sections on nutrition for youth athletes!  It’s hard to find something that kids will eat that is also good for them.  One of my favorites that I found was the rice cake sandwiches-cute and tasty!

 Eating Well Kids Section

I also found the magazine currently on sale (can’t beat that), here is the link:

50% Off EatingWell Magazine Subscription

I also have an obsession with cookbooks, so I did some searching on that front and found an author that has some very helpful recipe books for active people (which totally fits my family).  Her name is Nancy Clark and she is a sports dietician.  Her passion is helping people fuel their body to keep healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.  Yep, check-check, I looked at her many books and bought Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook (available in print, or for E-readers)


Happy Cooking and of course Eating too! :)

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